Book Launch at Books of Wonder!

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I have amazing news to announce. Books of Wonder has agreed to do my NYC book launch! Why is this so amazing you might ask? Because it’s freaking Books of Wonder! For all of you who aren’t familiar with Books of Wonder, they are a wonderful (pardon the pun) children’s bookstore located on 18th Street in Manhattan. They normally do launches with YA superstars from large publishing houses, so for a girl from a small press to get a gig there is a dream come true. I do have a slight leg up on the competition; I am the creator and curator of the YA Lit program at 92nd Street Y and Books of Wonder are my partners. Still, dream come true!

I hope this opens the door for other YA authors from small presses who are producing quality work but don’t have the opportunities authors from big houses do. But I also want to stress that networking really is the way to go. Visit your favorite bookstores, become friends with the event staff, go to conferences, make relationships and open doors for yourself. You are the CEO of your own company! You are in charge of your destiny!

Hope to see you at Books of Wonder on December 7!

Event Info Here

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