St. Louis Signing

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My St. Louis signing was so much fun! A lot of enthusiastic, proud family and friends came out to The Book House to support me. My mom and dad were there, which meant the world to me. High school friends I hadn’t seen in years made the trip.

Before my reading, I told everyone that my passage was a little bit PG-13. My cousin Laveda, who had brought her best friend Kristi, piped up that Kristi was used to reading “X,X,X” novels, so she could totally handle my material. The look on poor Kristi’s face was priceless! Everyone started laughing, and I told Kristi that I was sorry that my book wasn’t erotica, and we would have to solider on.

Thanks again to The Book House, Rocking Horse Publishing, and to my friends and family for making this signing so special. I appreciate all your support!

St. Louis signing 1
St. Louis signing 3
St. Louis signing 2
St. Louis signing 4

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