Ways to Support Your Favorite Author

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Hi all! I’ve always been a huge reader; no surprise there, right? When I was just a reader, I didn’t realize all the work that went into writing a novel. Not just the writing part, everything that came after. The promotional piece, hoping people would like the book, biting your nails for reviews, and trying to line up book signings and events. Now that I’m on the other side, I want to share what I’ve learned and how you (and I) can help support our favorite authors.

First off, buy the book. That’s simple enough, and with ebooks, buying books is easier (and cheaper) than ever. Authors really, really, really appreciate it when people buy our books!

If you love the book, please leave a review. That’s uber helpful, more than you can know. Some websites won’t even list your book unless you have at least 10 reviews of 4 stars or more. Reader reviews let people know this book doesn’t suck, it’s a worthwhile read, and a good use of time. And on the more personal end, it makes us authors feel amazing! It’s hard work to finish a book and to know someone likes it? Best feeling ever!

Recommend the book to everyone you know. Leave no man behind! Seriously, do you know how many of my friends I’ve hooked on Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series? I love recommending books to people. It’s fun, it’s free, and your friends usually appreciate you for it. 🙂 For you social media gurus out there, talking about your favorite author’s book on Twitter or Facebook helps too. I’m addicted to Twitter, so when I finish I book I love, I usually give the author a shout out. They appreciate it, and it makes me feel good that I helped a writer out.

Writing books is a tough business. Authors are competing with a lot more entertainment options than we used to, and the competition is fierce. So help us out; buy a book, leave a review, tell a friend. To all those out there who have bought my book, left a review, and recommended me to a friend, I will be forever grateful.

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