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As many of you know, I published my first book this year. It was a seriously amazing, seriously scary experience. The Other Inheritance was the first book in a planned trilogy, but I never started that second book because I wasn’t sure if people would like the firs one. And if no one liked the first one or bought it, what was the point in writing the second book? I had planned to let Reggie quietly fade away, suspended in the Other forever.

But then something incredible happened: people liked the first book! And then they asked, so, when is that second one coming out? You know, that second book I hadn’t started writing yet. Yikes! So, my first and most import New Year’s resolution is to finish that second book. I’ve given myself a six-month time frame. This second book can’t take eight years like the last one. Not in today’s world. A month after release, you’re yesterday’s news.

I’m four pages in and determined to do this thing. Wish me luck!

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  1. You can do it Rebecca – keep going!

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