A Tribute to Granny

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I’ve been very absent from my blog lately, but it’s not laziness that has kept me away. My grandmother had been very ill since right after Christmas, and last Thursday, she finally succumbed to her illness.

My granny was the strongest woman I have ever met. She taught me how to be strong, and that it was okay to follow my dreams even if they took me far from home. I was her only grandchild, so her encouragement to see the world and be true to myself was the epitome of selflessness.

She was an artistic soul who could crochet, sew silk dresses, craft jewelry and handbags, and make furniture. I think my artistic inclinations came from her, and I am forever grateful for that inheritance.

Granny wasn’t the typical grandma. She didn’t bake cookies, instead she took me to great restaurants and on shopping sprees. We played video games together and went on hikes. When I grew up and began traveling, I would bring her back silver earrings from my trips, which were her favorite things.

I just loved spending time with her. The hardest part for me will be when I reach for the phone and realize she’s no longer on the other end. She was so proud of me for publishing my book, and I’m glad she got to see it.

Granny, I love you. The world isn’t the same without you in it, but I’m blessed to have such wonderful memories.

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