Cover Wars and Other News!

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Hi all,

As usual, I’ve been woefully neglectful about my blog. In essence, I suck, but I’m trying to do better. Cool news to share, I’m participating in Cover Wars! Follow the link here and vote for “The Other Inheritance!” I actually love my cover and think it could win.

In reading news, I just finished “The Glass Casket,” a YA horror novel by McCormick Templeman. This book was reading perfection to me. From the slowly unraveling tension, to the amazing characters, to the well, horror, it was one fantastic read. I highly recommend it.

As for writing that pesky second book, I’m trying my best. If I actually stop being lazy and outline the first half, I think it will go fairly quickly. I think I’m going to set my writing goal for 500 words today. That’s not too terrifying.

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