Is the Curse Broken?

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Over the weekend, I had a writing breakthrough of sorts. For months I haven’t been able to sit and write at my computer. I know this is partially due to my Granny’s death; I’ve been too depressed to care about writing. But I’ve been feeling better lately, and I still couldn’t make myself put pen to paper so to speak.

And then it hit me, instead of sitting at my computer, what if I literally put pen to paper? Part of my problem with sitting at my computer is the delete button. I’m trying to bang out a first draft, and all I want to do is debate myself about word choice or if my writing is too clunky. But in reality, this is a first draft! It’s supposed to be clunky; it will need to be cut with a large pair scissors.

So I took a step back and grabbed a notebook. And guess what? Almost 2K words later, my writer’s block was broken–at least broken for now. I finished Chapter 4, and started Chapter 5 last night. I’m no longer frozen or pissed at myself for my inability to move forward on this novel. So if any of you are suffering from writer’s block out there, trying taking a step back from your computer and grab a pen instead. It may work for you too.

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  1. Around Christmas time, when Cheryl asked me what I wanted, it occurred to me that I could use some new writing journals for whenever the mood struck. And I’ve been able to jot down some good ideas since I got them. So yes, a pen and paper can be just what you need in case you need to step away from the keyboard.

  2. rebeccaboutis

    I totally need to get a writing journal. All that subway time can be put to better use.

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