Stuck on Chapter 3! The Joys of Writer’s Block

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Hi all,

My reading is going very well these days. I discovered a wonderful Fae fantasy series by Jeffe Kennedy, and I’m on the second book in the trilogy, Rogue’s Possession. There are power games, weird rules, and those Fae are tricky creatures. Highly recommend the series.

The theory–and normally it’s a correct one–is that the more you read, the more you write. I’ve read a lot of quality fiction these days too, but despite that, I can’t seem to the get past the third chapter of my sequel to The Other Inheritance. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, and to be quite frank, disheartening.

I need to find my groove again, whether it be joining a writing group or making my publisher, Robin, give me a deadline and then threaten me with a blunt object. I’m only partially kidding about the blunt object; it might be a good motivator.

Here’s to finding my writing sweet spot and moving beyond that pesky chapter 3!

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