It’s been a while

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I just realized today I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks! What have I been doing during that time? Catching up on Outlander and realizing that I’ve missed most of the second season of Bitten. And Justified ended last night, and I’ve yet to watch the last episode. My life just hasn’t been about watching TV, I’ve also finished Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs. If you’ve a fan of Anna and Charles, you have to read this book!

I’m still stuck on Chapter 6 of The Other Inheritance sequel. Things got super busy at work, and I went home to see my family last weekend. It was wonderful to see everyone, but still weird and sad that my Granny is no longer with us. Eventually it will be less painful, but right now the wound is still pretty fresh.

Lots of good stuff about The Other Inheritance coming up next week. Some reviews and guest blogs. I’ll keep you posted!

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