Final Day of the Tour Guest–KJ Hawkins!

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KJ Hawkins

Today is the last day of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers’ Blog Tour! I’ve saved the best for last and would like to welcome KJ Hawkins to my blog today.

Tell us about yourself. Where you’re from, etc.?
Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to be here. Tell you a bit about myself? Hmmm…well first off KJ Hawkins is my pen name. I was originally going to write under my true name, but decided I wanted to separate myself from my writing. I am also a graphic designer and want to keep my business self away from my creative self, if that makes any sense.

Besides being an avid reader and fantasy lover I am a normal 24 year old woman. I have two cats, and two dogs that preoccupy my time. They are my babies so I spend a lot of my time taking care of them. I could probably drone on and on about boring things about myself. However I think the most interesting thing about me is my writing and the worlds I have and will create. If you want to get to know me more you will have to pick up one of my stories/books and join me on the ride to discovery.

What is your most recent project?
This last April my short story Trisha’s Escape was published in DKC’s anthology The Magical Muse: A Collection of Fantasy Stories. This short story is an introductory piece to my first novel in my Half-Blood Academy Series. There is going to be a total of nine short stories that will be gathered officially into an anthology in the near feature. As for the book series I have yet to figure out how many novels will make up the series, however The Seeker’s Core is going to be the first in the series. I hope to publish it in 2016.

Tell us a little bit about it.
Trisha Solveig lives in Nazi Germany and finds herself on the road to a concentration camp. She thinks facing imprisonment is going to be hard wait till she faces off against Sergeant Smith.

When demons from the pit rule the camp and a demigod is thrown into the mist. She will have to find a way out and hopefully be able to handle the truth of her heritage in the process.

Did you choose writing or did writing choose you?
I would have to say that my heart chose writing. However this wouldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for authors like Mercedes Lackey and Kristen Britain, that made me fall in love with books when I was a child.

What do you find so appealing about writing fantasy?
I am a lover of fantasy. If it wasn’t for reading book after book with fantasy settings I wouldn’t be so involved with the genre.

Do you have any weird writing rituals?
Not that I am conscious of. However I have noticed that I write better when my dog Muffin is sitting at my side right up against me.

KJ’s Bio
KJ Hawkins is a young fantasy author making her way into print. She has had a strong love for fantasy since she was nine years old. As an adult the magic stayed with her inspiring her to write stories of adventure and magic. Hawkins, at her best, brings personality to every word she writes, exciting her readers with every page.

Fun Fact: KJ Hawkins is actually a pen name taken from the initials of her real first and last name. Hawkins came from her favorite childhood film, Treasure Planet, the lead character is James Hawkins!

KJ’s Book!
The Magical Muse: A Collection of Fantasy Stories
Blurb: Trisha finds herself in the clentches of a monster like know other. She has to fight her way to freedom only to find herself looking at deaths door. Will she survive the fight or will a secret hidden from her be her saving grace.

Book Synopsis: Stories of fantasy ranging from dark, to light and inspiring, bring life to this anthology. The creatures featured throughout, both good and evil, display the devastating or wonderful personalities they were given by the authors who created them for your enjoyment.

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