Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers’ Blog Tour Day 3-Melissa Barker Simpson

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Hi all! As our fantasy tour marches on, let’s welcome Melissa Barker-Simpson! She gives all us all the scoop about herself and writing below.

Tell us about yourself.
In addition to writing, I’m also a keen blogger and maintain three different sites. I’m a regular contributor at and have a role as guest contributor on a number of other blogs. I am an author, and an interpreter, a mother, and a geek. I am creative, and I am disorganised; an introvert and a loyal friend. I love to read, and connect with people, and I live in my own world!

The Contract is my eighth published novel, and though I write a paranormal romance series, this is my first major jaunt into fantasy fiction. I thoroughly enjoy the genre, and intend to write a serialised fiction series for release next year.

What is your most recent project? Tell us a little bit about it?
As I’ve just released the prequel, I’m currently working on book one of the Fractured series. I fell in love with the characters, and anticipate many more adventures to come. I’m also working on the third novel in the Morgan and Fairchild Series (Brothers in Arms), which is a romantic thriller (crime fiction), set for release later this year.

Did you choose writing, or did writing choose you?
It most definitely chose me. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. As a child it was plays, which my sister and I performed for our family! I dabbled in poetry, and wrote a variety of short stories. Being a writer is part of who I am.

What do you find so appealing about writing fantasy?
The freedom of creating different worlds and populating them with magical creatures. I enjoy discovering new myths and delving into traditional folklore, and it’s exciting to be able to use and adapt that information in an entertaining way for my readers.

What authors make you want to be a better writer?
Depending on the genre, I am influenced by a number of authors; Tolkien (obviously), Lee Child, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore. I have a growing list of favourites, all who inspire me to be a better writer. My bookshelves are bowing under the weight!

Do you have any traditional fantasy tropes that you like to use?
I guess the obvious theme found within the Fractured series is good vs. evil. I enjoy to incorporate magic, and a wide variety of races. Worldbuilding is the best part, so it’s fun to make up my own rules.

Do you have any weird writing rituals?
Nothing unusual springs to mind. I enjoy to interview my characters, to learn a little more about them. I usually use dialogue and allow them to stretch out and have a little fun! But I don’t write in my favourite socks, or in the shower, or plot with my favourite pen.

What inspires your worldbuilding?
My characters, mainly. They always come first, so when I have a strong picture of them in my head, I begin to build a world around them and they fill in the background. I’m also influenced by other writers, and by the myths and legends I explore just for fun!

Check out Melissa’s Books!
Melissa Barker-Simpson 2

The Contract
Prequel to the Fractured Series
By Melissa Barker-Simpson
After the Demonic War, a battle which devastated the mortal realm, humans now stick to the world’s major cities. To even the score, and to protect those cities, hunters joined together to establish cells across the globe. Maddison Wood is part of an alpha cell within the north of England.

Though a skilled fighter and powerful witch, Maddison can be brash, and unpredictable. She has a penchant for trouble, and is usually the first to volunteer in battle. When she accepts an assignment to protect the Hympe King, Tobias Locke, Maddison’s fate becomes bound to his. As the stakes change, and she finds herself trapped inside the bowels of an enemy camp, Maddison must fight for her freedom, her independence, and for a prisoner who has not seen the light of day for almost a century.

Melissa will be releasing The Fallen, which is the first in the Fractured Series (standalone), at the end of July.

Bio: Melissa Barker-Simpson
I’ve been writing since, well…since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I often look back on those earlier stories, and apart from laughing at the heavy-handed drama, or cringing at my inexperience, I am reminded that I have always lived in other worlds.

My first novel was published in 2008, and I love nothing more than working on a new project. The voices inside my head invariably pull me in different directions, so although I try to work on one thing at a time, those who know me would tell you it doesn’t always work!

I have a full-time job which, though does not involve writing per se, incorporates my love of language. As a British Sign Language Interpreter, I get to translate information between two languages which is (mostly) fun.

I have two beautiful daughters who bring me great joy. They also keep me grounded, because otherwise I would have my head in the clouds permanently!

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