Traveling and Being Away!

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Lyons at Night

Lyons Fountain

Hi All,

Once again I can be rightly accused of absence and sporadic posts. I do have an excuse, sort of. I have been traveling again. I spent 10 days in France with a few hours squeeze in to Geneva. The first leg of my trip was in Chamonix, and I was right next to the famous Mont Blanc.The view was stunning; it looked like I was on the set of a movie with a fake backdrop, that’s how pretty it was. I got to hike to a glacier and go inside it! Other than a pretty bad case of altitude sickness, it was a fun five days.

After Chamonix, I went to the beautiful city of Lyons, which is the food capital of France. I ate a lot and visited amazing churches and museums and just had an awesome time. Now it’s back to work on my second book! I’ll try not to be gone so long next time.

Mount Blanc 1

Glacier 1

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