Writing progress, good books, and traveling over the holidays

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As always, I’ve been woefully neglectful to my beautiful blog. I have no excuses but the typical ones; work, family, and more work. But I finally got my lazy ass motivated and decided to post today. I still can’t believe it’s December! Christmas is literally around the corner, and it’s a steady 60 degrees in New York. The weather is not conducive to the holiday spirit; although, I admit my holiday spirit is never super high. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m all about the food!

I leave for Hawaii next week, and I’ll spend 10 days with my husband in Maui. It’s my first Christmas not with the family in over 10 years, so I feel a little sad about missing my parents, but it’s Hawaii! I’ll be soaking up sun for 10 days and hanging out on the beach. I can’t be too sad about that.

I just finished “Magic Stars” by Ilona Andrews, a sweet novella that is a great addition to the Kate Daniels world. This is not just a fluff piece that needs to be skipped over, but a piece that is integral to the greater plot. You must read this one! I’m also a third of the way into “Sweep In Peace,” another Ilona Andrews book. It’s so great to have that many offerings from a favorite writer!

Speaking of writers you need to check out, you must try Michelle Bryan’s “Newblood” series. This is great dystopian YA fiction that is action packed and features a feisty, believable heroine.

And now for what you’ve all been waiting for, an update on the sequel to “The Other Inheritance.” Good news; I’m about 115 pages in and I think I know where the story is going. I just reached the climatic middle, which will propel the book to it’s, hopefully, awesome conclusion. Bad news; I’m still having bouts of writer’s block that really suck. I think Hawaii will help me overcome that with a change of scenery and new adventures.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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