New Year’s Resolutions and Other News

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Well, we can talk about the elephant in the room. I clearly suck at blogging. I mean suck. I disappear for months at a time, and I don’t call or write. I have no real excuse except that life continually gets in the way. The end of the year was especially busy for me as I was planning events for work and getting ready to go to Hawaii. And yes, no sympathy there as I did get to spend the holidays in paradise. Hawaii was pretty awesome. Is is the land of lush vegetation and rainbows. And rain. There’s a lot of rain. I spent two days in Honolulu and eight days in Maui. I made the mistake of staying in the jungle in Maui, which sounded way cool on paper, but remember the rain? Boy, was there a lot of it! Once we got out of the jungle, we would drive into sunshine and perfect beaches. (The we in this scenario is my husband). I swam with sea turtles, and I’m very certain tiger sharks as turtles are their favorite food.

Now on to more important things like New Year’s resolutions. This year, no matter what, I will finish the sequel to “The Other Inheritance.” It is literally the only resolution I have because, let’s face it, it’s a doozy. From fighting writing’s block and fatigue, it’s been a real struggle to get this book done. I honestly think it will be a better book than the first, with some twists and some surprises, but I just need to get that story on the page!

What are your resolutions?

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