I’m back!

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After a woeful and unforgivable absence, I’m back to haunting my blog. I’ve had a lot of changes in my life since February, and I hope these changes mean I can focus on writing more. Cross your fingers!

The good news is I’ve officially written over 45K words on my new novel, which is the sequel to “The Other Inheritance.” I can finally see the end of this book tunnel, and maybe if I work my booty off, I might get out an end-of-year release. I’m looking for a Christmas miracle, people.

In other good news, I’m editing novels for indie authors. I find this so enjoyable. Editing makes a sharper writer, and we all need to improve. Writing is a journey, and we writers hope we get better along the way.

As usual when I’ve been gone a long time, I’ve been traveling. This absence is no different. I recently spent three weeks in Greece! I spent a week in Athens and two weeks on the island of Paros. I love Greece and am grateful that I’ve gotten to journey there every year this past five years. I promise there will be pics to come!

My summer has pretty much rocked! How has yours been? Love to hear what everyone has been up to!

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