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Well all, the end is near! Not the end of the world (although watching the presidential debate made me very uncertain), but the end of my first draft of The Other Inheritance 2. After nearly two years of writing the damn thing (that’s a term of affection, I assure you), I finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, instead of progressing, my writing habits have regressed. For a while, I could only write on paper and then have to retype all my work into a Word document. Insane, no? But it was the only way I could work. I thought eventually I would return to the keyboard and be able to bang away on the keys again. Eh, not so much. Sometimes, I’ll sit down at my computer and write a few paragraphs–a page if I’m really luck–but I’m still avoiding my Mac.

Now my writing habits have gotten even stranger. Instead of just writing in a notebook, I’ve found that I want to write at 11pm while I’m in bed on my Notes app. At least I can just email the text to myself, but seriously, how annoying is this habit? I’ve written a few pages on my Notes app at a time and that ain’t easy folks. On a positive note, the book is getting done, so I’ve decided not to fight the insanity but to embrace it.

And your reward for listening to this rant is a little scene from TOI 2. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and avoid spoilers. Enjoy!

They wrapped their arms around each other, and she promised herself that she wouldn’t cling to him when he let go. He kissed her a final time and nodded, eyes shiny. She blinked a few times and nodded back, forcing her arms to release him. He bounded up the loading ramp and onto the ship. He turned at the railing, leaning against it so he could see her. Reggie felt (blank’s) presence at her back, and John looped an around her shoulders. She was beginning to hate that lump that seemed permanently lodged in her throat. She refused to let the last image Asher had be of her blubbering like an idiot. Rhys walked down the plank and stood on her free side.
“He’ll be all right. Now smile and wave farewell,” Rhys said. “Even if you don’t mean it.”
The sigils on the ship lit up, emitting a soft glow. The ship pulled away from the small harbor, heading into deeper water. Reggie forced her lips upward—more of a baring of teeth than a smile—and raised her hand. Asher copied the gesture but not the smile. Their eyes locked, and they kept watching each other until she could no longer make out the bright green of his eyes. She saw an enormous triangular head surface behind the ship and dive below. The water dragon was keeping watch. When the ship was nothing but a dot along the distant shoreline, she allowed (blank) to guide her away. They had work to do.

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