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Hi all! Today, I’m featuring an excerpt from Umbrae, which is the third book in Debbie Manber Kupfer’s P.A.W.S. Saga. This title was just released on March 1, so happy book birthday, Debbie! Debbie is not only a fellow writer but one of my clients. I had the pleasure of editing this book, so I know you’re going to love it! Now, on to the excerpt!



When she opened the door, Finny walked in complaining to herself. Miri lowered her mental shield so that she could talk to the cat without changing form.
“How long were you going to leave me out there?” complained Finny. “It’s hot and I’m hungry!”
Miri looked around her room. There was a small package of sponge cake on her desk that the Rabbi’s wife had left her on Friday just before Shabbat.
“Do you eat cake, Finny?”
“Well, it’s not my favorite, but if you insist.” The cat jumped up onto the desk and sniffed the package of cake, then nudged it with her paw. “Come on, Miri, some help over here.”
Miri chuckled as she opened the package of cake. She broke the cake in half and offered Finny one half while she munched on the second.
“That’s not fair,” moaned Finny. “You took the bigger piece.”
“Well, for one, it’s my cake, and two, you said you didn’t even like it that much.”


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