The Other Queen Cover Reveal and First Three Chapters!

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Dear readers,

It’s my absolute pleasure to share with you the cover of my second book–sequel to The Other Inheritance–The Other Queen!

Preorder is available now and at the special price of $.99 for an ebook. I’ve included the link below along with the first three chapters

Preorder link:

The Other Queen
Rebecca Jaycox

Chapter 1

“John, you’re not eating. Is the wild boar not to your liking?”

The polite voice coiled around him like a snake before it squeezed. John glanced up from his plate and met the cold, gray eyes of Andrius Drake, fear shivering through him. He immediately stabbed his fork into the meat wishing it were Andrius’ heart.  Spices flavored the succulent boar, but it tasted like ashes in John’s mouth. He quickly swallowed and nodded at the dark mage.

“It’s delicious,” he mumbled, lowering his eyes. He felt the iciness of Andrius’ stare sweep over his face. Sneaking a quick glance out of the corner of his eye, he saw Arlene tense, her spine ramrod straight. The utter stillness of the dining room pounded against his eardrums.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I would hate to think you felt I wasn’t properly caring for you,” Andrius said, sipping the amber liquid in his crystal goblet.

John choked back the words rising in his throat. Hatred pulsed inside him. He shook his head, not trusting himself to speak.

“We don’t feel that way at all,” Arlene interjected, and John looked at her gratefully. She pasted a sickly smile on her face; the expression made her resemble a possessed doll.

Andrius leaned back in his chair, swirling the liquid in his goblet. The soft sloshing seemed vulgar in the silent room. He studied Arlene, who was carefully watching a point over the dark mage’s shoulder. John took another bite of his food, observing them both beneath his lashes.

“You’re not drinking,” Andrius said, sipping from his glass.

John stiffened, his hand clenching his knife. He turned to Arlene, who had frozen in her seat. She reached out a shaking hand and took a drink from her water goblet.

“There,” she whispered, setting the goblet back on the table.

Andrius smiled at her, a gentle smile that made John’s stomach churn. “Water isn’t what you want. Drink the brandy, Arlene. It will help you forget, about Reggie, about John, about me. Escape for a little while.

Welcome to Aelurus Publishing!

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Dear readers,

Despite my sporadic appearances, I’m still very much writing away and hoping to get book two to you. I have exciting news to share. I have joined Aelurus Publishing, and they will be relaunching “The Other Inheritance” on February 1 with a brand new cover!

I’m extremely excited to join this fledging press as the director is a fellow writing friend, and he’s really setting up the business in an incredible way. I’m so happy I found a new home with Aelurus, and I think you all will be very happy with the new covers!

Indie Spotlight Interview!

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Today, I’m at Lady N’s Den of Indie Awesomeness! Check out my interview with the wonderful Lady N and learn a little bit more about The Other Inheritance!

Cover Wars!

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Please vote for The Other Inheritance at Cover Wars!