Back from Vacation!

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Hi all! I’ve been super absent lately, but that’s because I’ve spent the last two weeks in Greece and Turkey having an awesome time. I didn’t read or write, which is incredibly unusual for me, but I really needed that R&R.

Greece was absolutely wonderful. I know people are concerned because of the economic crisis, but don’t be. If you’ve made plans or intend to make plans to go to Greece, keep them. The people really need tourism and they are so hospitable and lovely. You won’t have any problems getting money or getting around.

After spending 10 days in Greece, I spent my last two days in Istanbul. If you’ve never visited Istanbul, it’s a very special city with a lot of flavor. It really is the crossroads of East and West, and you can feel the history everywhere you go.

Now that I’m back, I have to concentrate on the writing the sequel to “The Other Inheritance!” I’ve officially wrote 50 pages, and I’ve outlined the next three chapters, so there is progress. It’s slow progress, but definitely progress!

I’m kicking off my YA Lit season at 92Y with Libba Bray on August 25. If you’re in NYC, stop by and see this awesome author!

Hagia Sophia